Airbus’ Brilliant New Corporate Craft Touts Customizable Modules

French aircraft maker Airbus provides a smart way to give its passengers the feel of traveling while enveloped in lavish bespoke interiors by installing off-the-shelf modules into its corporate jet.

Airbus Corporate Jet

The ACJ319 Elegance’s 24-meter-long cabin will of course tout a galley and bathrooms at its front and a luxe private bedroom at the rear, but unlike previous models, its middle will be divvied up into three separate zones that can be customized with modules created at its headquarters in Toulouse.


Customers can choose from an assortment of pre-designed modules for nearly every occasion, including dining events, business meetings, social affairs and even movie screenings.


The concept, an innovative departure from conventional corporate jet design, underscores individuality. They will not only simplify the often tedious interior design process for would-be consumers, but also permit existing owners to upgrade and modify their crafts’ interiors with far greater ease.


According to the Robb Report, an ACJ319 Elegance with pre-designed modules will cost around $85.4 million–$7.5 million less than one with a completely personalized interior.


An updated version of the A319 airliner, the Elegance is powered by a pair of CFM56 turbofan engines that give the eight-passenger plane a range of more than 11,000 kilometers and a top speed of approximately 950 km/h.

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