A Sneak Peek at Ariana Rockefeller’s Chic 2014 Fall Collection

Haute Living L.A. Ambassador Ariana Rockefeller isn’t your run-of-the-mill heiress.

Blessed with beauty, brains, and a creative eye to boot, she has expertly managed to keep up her family’s reputable and philanthropic moniker while simultaneously building her own name, making a solid mark in the fashion realm with the launch and continued success of her eponymous label.

Though we only chatted with the stylish scion for a short while, it was ample time for us to wholly recognize and appreciate her resounding kindhearted nature and exuberant charm. In truth, despite her blue-blooded background, the supremely poised fashionista is one of the most down-to-earth people one may ever encounter–the epitome of an all-American sweetheart, if you will.

Rockefeller’s luxe 2014 Fall Collection is chock-full of elegant pieces that boast sophisticated and clean silhouettes made from sensuous textiles, flavored with brilliant hues of cobalt, magenta, crimson and chartreuse.

Ariana Rockefeller 2014 Fall Collection - Hounds-tooth Wellie Top and Philippa Skirt
Ariana Rockefeller 2014 Fall Collection – Hounds-tooth Wellie Top and Philippa Skirt

As we marveled at her new line’s resplendent articles, which included the sleek, black “Wellie” top she was wearing (a piece she confesses she’s so obsessed with, that she’s practically been living in it lately), the ready-to-wear designer shed some light on her personal style, inspiration, and ideas for future fashion creations:

Describe your personal design aesthetic. 

It’s very classic, clean, chic and versatile. I want to design things that go from day to night very easily, that are comfortable yet dressy. I make sure everything travels very easily.

Which of your fellow fashion designers do you admire and respect the most?

I respect the work of Stella McCartney and Carolina Herrera; both women have an excellent work ethic and authenticity of style, which I admire. As a designer, I strive to have business [savviness] as well as integrity, so I appreciate other designers who pave the way in the fashion world with this approach.

What differentiates this collection from your previous ones?

It has a lot more textures and prints. We incorporated some metallic pieces this season, which is a little edgy for us, since we’re usually very clean and simple. We bumped it up a notch with colors and fabrics; this collection is definitely an evolution. Also, we have two custom prints that are very exciting…

The Hounds-tooth:

Ariana Rockefeller Fall 2014 Collection - Simi Top & Kelly Skirt
Ariana Rockefeller Fall 2014 Collection – Hounds-tooth Simi Top & Kelly Skirt

and the Equestrian print:

Ariana Rockefeller Fall 2014 Collection - Nadia Dress
Ariana Rockefeller Fall 2014 Collection – Equestrian Print Nadia Dress

What are your favorite pieces from the collection (aside from the abovementioned ‘Wellie’ top)?

There’s a pair of pleated metallic shorts that are fantastic; they were actually inspired by [a funny mishap that happened with a friend] . . . We were in Miami, but I wasn’t planning on spending the night with [her], and our car ended up getting towed. I was wearing her silk shorts to an impound lot at eight in the morning . . . we looked pretty chic!

Ariana Rockefeller Fall 2014 Collection - Robbie Top and Laura Metallic Short
Ariana Rockefeller Fall 2014 Collection – Robbie Top and (Metallic) Laura Short

What inspired the line?

[Similar to my past collections], its aesthetic reflects how I grew up, and my lifestyle; everything’s inspired by the colors and textures in my family’s homes and art, so it’s all pretty cohesive. The equestrian print was inspired by my family. My whole family has been interested in horses: my great-grandfather drove carriages; my grandfather drives carriages; my mother fox-hunts; my great-grandfather had a lot of British, equestrian prints; and I ride [them].

What’s next? Do you have any secrets you’d like to divulge, perhaps ideas for future collections?

I’m excited about potentially doing resort wear, something a little over-the-top. Maybe not an entire collection, but a few, very big statement pieces, either for resort or holiday. We’re also working a dress to wear for the Museum of Modern Art’s annual party; that might be unveiled in May!

Ariana Rockefeller