Warm Contemporary Design from The Kitchenworks

shot01_pinhoThis new house is located in East Fort Lauderdale on the water. The Kitchenworks has designed the space so that kitchen has a U-shaped configuration organized around three separate islands. The center island holds the main sink, double pull-out trash, dishwasher and other storage space.


The long island to the side holds the wine refrigerator and features a 48” high wrap of matching paneling that conceals the working side of the island. The outer island has seating on both sides to capture the water views. The design company incorporated the Miele integrated refrigerator and freezer into the tall wall of cabinetry in order to achieve the appearance of a single paneled wall. The kitchen is arranged in such a way that it receives the exterior and becomes an extension of it. The materials bounce light and reflections from the exterior conditions. FInally, Kitchenworks articulated our cabinet design to read as a geometrical composition that complements the overall contemporary aesthetic of the house as part of a medley of rectilinear, simple, solid surfaces.