Tracy Anderson’s Daily Routine


Bending the best bodies in Hollywood into perfect shape, creating a legging line with pal and client Gwyneth Paltrow and launching the new Liquid Program at her Studio City and Brentwood fitness studios is all part of a day’s work for Tracy Anderson. The 38-year-old entrepreneur and fitness guru also finds time to mother her two children, dance the night away when necessary and shop to her heart’s content (though these days it’s mostly online for Nina Ricci and Banjo at Net-A-Porter). Here, this trainer to the stars pauses from working out with Tinseltown’s finest to jog us through a day in her always on-the-go life. If you want to keep up, note that you will be breaking a sweat.
6:30 AM: I wake my son, Sam, to get ready for school; he’s 15 and in junior high.
7:30 AM – Snuggle time with my 17-month-old daughter Penelope! She loves her nursing time with me. It’s my favorite time with her because it’s such an important bonding moment.
8 AM: I make my way to the kitchen, where I have my Tracy Anderson Wellness Vanilla shake. I love chocolate, so I add a few tablespoons of Hershey’s chocolate syrup to a glass of cold 2% milk with two scoops of my shake mix. It’s my go-to for breakfast, and it really leaves me feeling full all morning.
8:30 AM: I hop on the phone with my publicist, Steven Beltrani, to be briefed on any upcoming interviews with press, new projects to announce, etc. Right now, I’m focusing on my new Men’s Program and The Liquid Program. My assistants also prep me on my day and schedule.
9 AM: I work out for an hour a day, six days a week. Teaching a Master Class is where I create my content. It’s a rush for me, and where I feel most creative.
11 AM – 12 PM: This is where I hopefully find time to shower, hop on a call with my team, grab lunch, play with Penelope and check in on my celeb clients like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Robert Downey Jr. My bag is packed with essentials because I’m always on the go, but I never go anywhere without my Le Mieux cleanser. I sweat so much during workouts, and it’s important to take care of your skin.
12 – 1 PM: Food shopping with my food guru, Megan Grocutt, at my favorite Sag Harbor shops is my secret comfort. I love tossing ideas at her for creating food blog posts. If I’m in LA, I love to shop at Heist and Aviator Nation in Venice, Tricco Fields in Beverly Hills, Ron Herman in Malibu and Jill Roberts in Santa Monica.
1 – 6 PM: Back to work, with little interruption! The rest of the workday is answering calls, creating schedules for filming Metamorphosis Continuity (yes, we are still filming content!), my three-year program towards becoming a supreme being, creating more content, and communicating with my head trainers in LA and NYC. This is also when I regroup with my business partner Gwyneth Paltrow on our company’s upcoming projects that are in development. Gwyneth is closer than family in many ways. She’s my business partner, my greatest student and a like-hearted mother. We have had a very successful partnership for eight years. We rely on each other on many levels.
6 – 7 PM: The best part of my day is dinner with my family. This is my favorite meal: It’s social, special and has an emotional attachment for me; sitting down with people I love to enjoy great meals and an amazing bottle of wine is something I appreciate so much. Everyone is together, happy, and full…of food and love. I love spots like Salt Air and Axe in Venice, Osteria Mozza in Hollywood, Nobu in Malibu, Alcove in Los Feliz, Babycakes downtown and Sprinkles in Beverly Hills.
8 – 9 PM: I unwind with my kids on the couch and you might find me fast asleep reading “Fireman Small” to my daughter, or asleep with a good book; right now I’m reading “Einstein on Peace.” I don’t watch much TV, but my one addiction is “Girls” and I love a good talent show like “American Idol.” I’m usually asleep by 9:30 unless the kids are being late-night funny or there is a great conversation, dance party or admirer worthy of losing sleep over!