Haute 100 Update: Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Donates $3 Million to Save Tigers in Nepal

Picture 5The Leonardo DiCaprio foundation has graciously granted $3 million to the World Wildlife Foundation to increase the endangered tiger population in Nepal. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the Panthera Tiger population is declining in Nepal. The initiative of the WWF and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is to double the tiger population by 2022. The foundations are well known for their work to empower local communities through reinvigorating natural habitats and in turn renewing indigenous species.

DiCaprio said in a statement that the tigers were being endangered by “habitat destruction and escalating illegal poaching.” The WWF will focus on a 9,000 square mile area comprised of protected areas for endangered species to stop poaching and work to grow their population. The generous grant from DiCaprio adds to the $38.8 million he previously raised for his foundation at a Christie‚Äôs art auction.