Personal Letters From Late NYC Mayor Ed Koch To Be Sold at Auction

Picture 3New York City’s late Mayor Ed Koch, who passed away this past February, was well known for corresponding with dignitaries and international heads of state on countless matters of great importance throughout recent history. Today, about 200 letters written to Koch are hitting the auction block at Doyle New York and are estimated to fetch between $200 and $500 a piece.

The dedicated and enigmatic democrat led the city from 1978 to 1989, building friendships and making connections along the way that can be seen in his collection of personal letters. Some of the most impressive letters to be auctioned include literature from President Ronald Reagan, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Vice President Al Gore and an extensive collection of letters from Cardinal John J. O’Connor.

An excerpt from a thank you note from First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis reads, “Your love of life is contagious and you sent everyone home feeling a happiness and insouciance that does not happen every day in dear old N.Y.C.”

The letters, which cover topics of great political importance are the second installment of Koch’s personal affects to be auctioned, following the successful auction of his furniture and artwork last week.