Anthony Spinello Throws an Effortlessly Chic Birthday Party

Tonight was Anthony Spinello’s birthday celebration. Anthony is the hottest gallerist in Miami, just in case you missed the memo.  Fresh off the plane from Tel Aviv, approximately Forty art enthusiasts and influencers aka friends of Spinello’s gathered for an effortlessly chic dinner party at Soyka. Hosted in the private dining room to celebrate the wonderful year ahead including Anthony’s admittance into the official Art Basel Miami Beach fair, there were lots of laughs, group singing and love in the air. The artsy crowd included “it” artist Typoe, Edison Lozada, Tara Sokolow Benmeleh with her husband Jack, Daniel Martinez, Brandi Reddick, Santiago Yanigo, Spinello’s star artist Agustina Woodgate, Israeli artist Naama Tsabar, Tami Katz Friedman and Mooli Friedman.