Lacoste Goes Live in Iceland

For their Fall/Winter season, Lacoste LIVE headed to Iceland. While Reykjavík is nearly the polar opposite of Paris, artists Hulda Vigdísardóttir and Guðmundur Úlfarsson helped make Iceland the perfect backdrop for Lacoste’s new campaign.

Guðmundur works as a graphic designer, but (as he proves in the video) he’s also a great musician. Meanwhile, Hulda works both in front of and behind the camera as a model and photographer.

Between the two, they have enough talent and good looks to be the perfect ambassadors for Iceland, a place which has both fascinated and mystified visitors. For example, dried fish is considered one of the top snacks in Iceland. There’s also the fact that they have 13 Santas, or the fact that their population is actually outnumbered by sheep.

This post is brought to you by Lacoste. To learn more about Guðmundur and Hulda, or to shop the Fall/Winter 2013-14 looks from the video, visit the Lacoste website.