Haute Watch of the Week: Glashütte Original Pavonina

1-03-01-03-15-01_Pavonina PR_RG Br_ZB Br Col_SB closed_25cm
In this age of mechanical wonders, the quartz movement gets little respect, but it has its place when it comes to ladies’ luxury watches. Among the new inventions and masterpieces of metiers routinely created by today’s luxury watch companies, are high-quality everyday ladies’ collections that often go unnoticed by the press. Many of them constitute fine examples of everyday luxury, and nearly every top brand has at least one.

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1-03-01-03-15-01_Pavonina PR_RG Br_ZB Br Col_SB_Detail 2_25cm

Glashütte’s ladies’ Pavonina is a fine example of a true ladies’ luxury watch that is set with diamonds in creative ways that keep it just under the threshold of the “high jewelry watch” – because sometimes a big showpiece is just not the way to go. Options range from variations with 12 diamonds as simple hour markers or across the lugs to a model that is sprinkled liberally on the dial and case with diamonds in a swirled pattern that is meant to resemble a peacock tail.

1-03-01-06-12-02_Pavonina PR_ST Br_ZB Br grau_SB closed_25cm

The Pavonina collection dates back to the 1920s when the distinctive cushion shape was widely used in wristwatches. Glashütte’s modern version features the integration of flexible lugs, which makes the watch highly wearable.

1-03-01-04-15-01_Pavonina PR_RG Br_ZB Br braun_LKB_Crown_25cm

The movement is quartz, but is nevertheless decorated: the plate and gear train bridge feature the signature Glashütte striping, the engraved logo appears in gold on the silver plate, and the screws and components are polished. It’s high time quartz got such respect.

1-03-01-04-15-01_Pavonina PR_RG Br_ZB Br braun_LKB closed_25cm

The Calibre 03-01 movement also incorporates an innovative feature that offers three times the standard magnetic protection, shielding the sensitive mechanism from the influence of modern mobile electronic devices and thus enhancing the quality of the watch.

This combination of originality, quality and wearability are the hallmarks of the everyday luxury watch for ladies.

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Photos courtesy Glashütte Original.