Miami’s Hautest Dog Rescue


Dog rescues are the new celebrity rehabs, aka chic, trendy yet they have a common purpose: to save lives. I can say, I have partaken in both the rehab and the rescue, but the main purpose of this blog is focusing on a local woman named Jamie Robinson whom saves the lives of Miami’s abandoned, neglected and abused street pups every day of her life.

Just last week I was at the Standard Hotel on Miami Beach with my mother Dale, lounging in the pool. I spotted a chic, longhaired woman holding a baby pup, and of course I fell in love with both the woman and her child. After summoning her over, and a brief conversation, I shortly learned she was an angel whom saves the lives of dogs, particularly puppies, spays-neuters, vaccinates and microchips them, then puts them up for adoption to solely loving and caring homes.

Over the weekend I visited Jamie’s rescue, a one-acre plot of land in North Miami Beach, where these animals run free in a cage-less, loving environment and each animal has the option of their own bedroom, the cold Terrazzo floor, or sleeping in bed with Jamie. Quite haute? Yes, I think so.

Jamie told me that she started this operation because “as a young woman I suffered from depression. I rescued a dog and he saved my life, so I decided to commit myself to saving the lives of these animals.” Jamie’s daughter Rachel Robinson, who starred in MTV’s series Road Rules, also helps her when she can.

As an advocate of the rescue pooch, I find them the most loyal and loving, and for some reason, the breed mixin’ makes ‘em normally come with a clean bill of health for life.

To rescue a haute pup or full grown dog (Jamie can only keep four large dogs at a time on her premises due to Dade County laws, but endless puppies allowed at the facility), call her at (305) 409-8442 or check on for an updated list on who is available for adoption!