Haute Watch of the Week: Ralph Lauren RL 67 Safari Tourbillon

The Ralph Lauren fashion label was the original lifestyle brand, and has ruled that niche consistently since it was established in the 1970s. The Ralph Lauren Safari timepiece collection therefore has an inherent quality of authenticity. As the outdoor adventure/lifestyle brand, producing a watch that might be worn on a safari is entirely in keeping with the Ralph Lauren’s philosophy.

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The Safari trademark aesthetic is a gun-metal finish (the color of a Land Rover, the classic off-road expedition vehicle) on both case and bridge, and a screw-topped bezel. But the watch is also classic, in keeping with the Ralph Lauren signature elements that include Roman numerals and a minimalist dial with classic railway track index. This mix of rugged and classic are unusual in a tourbillon, which is often designed to be either extremely high tech or ultra classic.

RLR0220704_RL67 Tourbillon_J_LR

The Safari Tourbillon has the feel of a ‘gentleman adventurer’s’ timepiece. “The romance of safari is a dream that I have returned to many times,” says Ralph Lauren. “It is an adventure, a world of refinement set against a rugged and powerful landscape.”


The movement was made by high-end Swiss boutique movement workshop La Fabrique du Temps. It is a micro-rotor powered self-winding tourbillon. The dial is only 44.80mm wide – many tourbillons are much bigger in order to showcase the carriage – a micro rotor keeps it small. It’s a comfortable watch to wear, even for a woman.

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Photos courtesy Ralph Lauren.