Haute Watch of the Week: Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 La Ferrari

Just when you thought the era of the high-concept superwatch with space-age design was coming to an end in favor of more traditional timepieces, Hublot blows them all out of the water with the ultimate original superwatch – a category killer. The Masterpiece MP-05 La Ferrari sets a world record for the longest power reserve for a hand-wound tourbillon – 50 days. It should also take the record as the coolest tourbillon. The watch was designed to resemble the Ferrari car of the same name, introduced at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March, with a hybrid V12 engine generating nearly 1,000 horsepower.


The watch is just as powerful, and features a number of common design elements with the car. First, a sapphire crystal was cut to the shape of the Ferrari’s outline, as was the caseback, made of PVD titanium. Combined with the red trim, the exposed gears, cylinder counters and the row of barrels down the center, the watch definitely exudes that racing car vibe. The center spine consists of an impressive and unprecedented 11 series-coupled barrels, which is what enables the 7-week power reserve. All of these barrels are wound with a tool resembling a power drill that plugs in to the top of the watch (the tourbillon cage is at the bottom), and as it winds, you can watch the digits on the power reserve indicator increase. There is no visible crown, as the setting is done on the caseback. The movement, HUB9005.H1.6, is powered by 637 individual components, a record for Hublot.


The cylinders to the left and right of the spine of barrels are made of anodized black aluminum and count hours and minutes, on the right, and indicated power reserve, on the left. The red markings are another nod to the car. This is a big watch. The movement alone measures approximately 46mm x 40mm. Cased, it is more than 50mm wide – the tourbillon cage diameter alone measures 14.50 , but it’s made of titanium and aluminum, which keeps it light.

The Masterpiece MP-05 La Ferrari is not a concept watch – 50 pieces will be made, which is fewer than the actual car. But it is still a substantial number, considering the construction that goes into each piece. The Ferrari MP-05 car will run you $1.3-million, and although the pricing on the watch remains unofficial, it is widely reported to cost around $300,000 – a bargain compared to the car.