Rolls-Royce Celebrates Wraith in NYC’s Meatpacking District

rolls-royce wraith

New York is not exactly your typical city, and Rolls-Royce is certainly not your typical automotive company. So it is only fitting the world’s pinnacle super-luxuy brand introduces its newest model to the public in a very similar atypical fashion.

Rolls-Royce Motor Car Wraith

At Gansevoort Plaza, in the heart of the Meatpacking district, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveiled the Wraith to the public in the loudest way they knew how—literally. Playing “sexy and alluring music” to mimic the car’s styling, DJ Stiletto and COLEMAN hooked up their turntables to the vehicle’s 18-speaker custom sound system and generated quite a stir throughout the day. With its suicide-style doors opened wide—not unlike outstretched arms—the Wraith welcomed dreamers and potential customers alike to experience its engineering brilliance.

Rolls-Royce Motor Car Wraith

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Loud music, large crowds, and a velvet-rope-free venue seem uncommon for the super exclusive and uber-luxurious brand, but that is the point! Rolls-Royce is seeking to embrace a newer, more youthful clientele. Held in a chic and vibrant part of town that is frequented by its newer, career-driven target market, the public event was all about brand perception and less about sales numbers. However, that didn’t stop several potential customers from inquiring about the vehicle.

Rolls-Royce Motor Car Wraith

Showcased in a brilliant Salamanca Blue, it is easy to envision yourself behind the wheel of this engineering masterpiece. With 12 cylinders under your right foot, the car is like a an iron first wearing a velvet glove—the power is there if you want it. As if choosing from one of the 44,000+ colors on file was not difficult enough, potential customers could lose sleep designing a one-off color bearing his/her name. Rolls-Royce embraced a bespoke nature when designing the car as customers have the freedom to include any [legal] option/extra—if the customer can imagine it, they will incorporate it. Rolls-Royce wants the car to reflect an owner’s individual personality, designing something as unique as their very own fingerprint. Hopefully, money can buy taste because customers will need every shiny penny they can get their hands on. The 2014 Wraith’s base price of $285,000 is just the start as factory options and bespoke additions could easily tack on an additional six-figures to the price tag.

Rolls-Royce Motor Car Wraith

More than 2,000 people came and went throughout the day. Some danced, many took pictures, and all stood there to gawk at the Wraith’s curves and flawless bodylines. Unfortunately, staring was all they are able to do for now, as all of the 2013 allocations have been spoken for.

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