Haute 100 Update Miami: Dwyane Wade Guests on Jimmy Kimmel


Miami Heat star and three time NBA Champion Dwyane Wade guested on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The champ was relaxed and humorous as Kimmel showed a photograph of the team diving into a Big Pink pizza at Story nightclub after their win. He also showed a highlight reel of Wade’s son, Zaire, shooting hoops with aplomb. “He would have whooped me at that age,” explains Wade proudly of his son. “He has more talent than I had in 5th grade. BUT around 6th grade… I was nice. So we’ll see.” Kimmel, and Wade had a good laugh noticing in the reel that Zaire was wearing LeBron Nikes and not Wade’s.

Kimmel praised Wade for his sartorial style. He and Wade agreed the whole team dressed very well. When Kimmel plied who was the worst dressed, Wade gave up his teammate. “I love this guy, but we have to try to work on Ray Allen a little bit. Ray is coming from Milwaukee, Seattle and Boston and Miami is a different culture. He came in with these big , baggy suits and we’re like, ‘Ray, you gotta tailor down a little bit.’” Wade says he got Allen in a tailored suit once and it only lasted one night, “He was so uncomfortable he went back to his big suits.” To that Kimmel quipped, “Well, have him traded. Simple as that.” Dream on Kimmel – Allen isn’t going anywhere.