Beverly Hills 9OH2O is the World’s First Sommelier-Crafted Water


If you consider yourself to be a true luxury enthusiast, then everything in your world should be opulent — and that includes the things that most receive for free.

Like the finest of wines, the newly launched Beverly Hills 9OH2O was born.

The new brand of drinking water is actually the world’s first sommelier-crafted agua.

Water sommelier Martin Rose created this creme de la creme of water using natural minerals and a crafting process which results in a 7.5 pH alkalinity.

It is already being called “the best tasting water in the world”.

The brand, which comes in a gorgeous, triple-sealed glass bottled, is starting to be featured in various upscale hotels and restaurants around the US and is in negotiations with Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Kuwait, and South Korea.

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