American Cities Inspire Hot Dog Creations

PM Hot Dogs of America

July kicks off America’s Independence Day and a few food holidays sure to make each summer day more delicious than the next. In celebration of the patriotic month, Chef Michael Shrear of Poag Mahone’s has taken inspiration from his favorite cities around the country to build four hotdog creations each representing the flavors of these dining-destination towns.

With National Hotdog Month and National Mac and Cheese Day both happening in July, each of the four American hotdogs will be accompanied by a side of creamy mac and cheese baked with cheddar, parmesan and blue cheese, mixed with chives, bacon and topped with smoked breadcrumbs.  The creations will be available July 15- August 15 and cost $6 each with a side of mac and cheese.

The American Hotdogs include:

Chicago-Style Dog with mustard, sweet relish, chopped onion, tomatoes, dill pickle, sport peppers and celery salt.

San Francisco Dog topped with crispy bacon, shredded lettuce, mayo and tomato relish.

Kansas City Dog with melted Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, 1000 Island dressing and caraway seed.

Atlanta Dog loaded with steak chili and topped with creamy cole slaw.