The Ritz Carlton DIFC Launches New ‘Spa Bar’ Concept

Red as a Berry (2)

A spa concept which revolves around juice? It sounds intriguing and is exactly what the spa at the Ritz Carlton DIFC has launched for its guests.  The unique treatment allows guests to choose from one of six juices crafted by the hotel’s talented Juice Sommelier, and a corresponding spa treatment. The wellbeing benefits of each are complemented to provide a holistic experience for the mind and the body.

Cool as a Cucumber

The juices and treatments fall into one of three categories allowing guests to choose an experience that meets their specific needs: Relax, Revive or Rejuvenate.  A juice and spa treatment from the same category can be selected thus providing a personalized experience which maximizes the wellbeing benefits for each guest.

The Relax treatment incorporates Beetroot packed with magnesium, which eases muscle tension and helps to reduce stress and anxiety as well as cranberries which are rich in Vitamin C and are known to lower blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. Rosemary is also added to help muscles relax, and contains anti-inflammatories that reduce puffiness and improve skin tone, while the cucumber rehydrates the body, making ‘Cool as a Cucumber’ or ‘Red as a Berry’ the perfect complement to a stress-busting massage or facial.  It includes a signature massage and bespoke facial.

The Revive experience includes Ginger and honey which contain natural antioxidants, while rocket is rich in Vitamin A, both of which help to fight free radicals in the skin and support its ability to revive and refresh depleted  skin cells. Natural sugars found in dates and bananas provide a healthy energy-boost, which when combined with a ‘Revival’ spa treatment, provides an uplift for body and mind. The treatment includes a juice of rocket, ginger, honey and ginger ale; Date Night comprising dates, banana and camel milk;  Jetlag Recovery, a full body brushing and massage with a reviving blend of body care products and essential oils and Aroma Radiance Lift, a unique facial designed to tone, plump and gently lift the skin.

The Rejuvenate Experience uses Vitamin A and the antioxidants found in carrots to rejuvenate the skin, helping to protect it from sun damage and prevent dryness, making the ‘Fruit & Veg’ the perfect complement to a skin-buffing facial. Pomegranate is rich in Vitamin E, which increases cell regeneration and brightens dry and dull skin, which when combined with the Age Recovery Cure or Rose Cocoon Wrap, is a winning combination for achieving radiant skin. The treatment includes juices of Fruit & Veg made with orange, carrot and celery and Time for Tea, pomegranate tea, cranberry and vanilla and spa treatments Age Recovery Cure, an anti-aging facial to repair skin damage and rejuvenate the skin and Rose Cocoon Wrap, a hydrating and skin-nourishing full body cocoon with rich rose serum for optimum body radiance.

Enticing the guests of all ages and needs, this unique spa experience aims to enrich, rejuvenate and restore in a bespoke fashion.

The Ritz-Carlton, DIFC. Tel: +971 43722777.