Moroccan Nights at Burj Al Arab’s at Al Iwan

Burj Al Arab - Moroccan Nights - Al Iwan


If you’re desiring a chance to see enrapturing belly dancers as well as eat delicious Moroccan cuisine, then head to Al Iwan in the Burj Al Arab for Moroccan Nights taking place each Saturday.





Thanks to its enviable central location in the heart of the world’s tallest atrium, Al Iwan offers stunning views of the Arabian Gulf during the day and transforms into an intimate affair at night with its romantic ambiance and flickering candles.  Upon arrival each Saturday, guests are offered a welcome drink of milk mixed with almonds and rose flower water, alongside the Majhoul dates. After taking their seats in the Royal Dining Hall, diners are transported on a culinary journey of the finest and most authentic Moroccan cuisine full of distinctive dishes –  globally renowned for the use of specific and unusual spices, such as saffron, cinnamon, turmeric and cumin.

A visual and culinary feast for the eyes and palette, Moroccan Nights is one of the best ways to get a brief taste of the incredible culture of Moroccan while in Dubai.

The dinner takes place each Saturday from 18-22:00 each Saturday. The first belly dancer comes on at approximately 19:45 and lasts for 15 minutes.

Burj Al Arab. Tel: +971 43017600