Haute Eat: Urban Bistro


Located within the CNN Building in Dubai Media City is a charming eatery which serves hearty gourmet meals. Taking the form of a city deli reminiscent of a cozy New York eatery , Urban Bistro is a much-needed addition to Media City’s culinary landscape.¬†Formerly the spot of an out-dated Italian restaurant, Urban Bistro has transformed the previously sleepy venue into a vibrant space perfect for a hearty lunch during a busy work day.


I am always amazed in Dubai by how a building which might seem static and unappealing, can suddenly hold a charming venue of such a different ambiance and nature that it nearly transforms the energy of its surroundings. Urban Bistro does exactly this. As soon as you walk into this eatery, friendly waiters come to greet you and escort you to a simple industrial table charmingly set up with minimalist condiments of salt and pepper. After taking in the surroundings of wood bookshelves, metallic chairs and tables outside on the terrace and a full deli counter inside, you’ll feel as if you were in fact back Stateside in some busy city diner. The ambiance is jovial and upbeat, with many happy lunchers munching on what certainly appears to be tasty culinary creations.


For starters, my guest and I chose some delicious vegetable frites of root vegetables – crunchy and savory, they hit the spot immediately. We also shared a Goat Cheese Tart made with caramelized onions, peppers, rocket and balsamic dressing. Rich and creamy as goat cheese, the caramelized toppings added a nice sweet texture to what I usually find to be a bit of salty cheese. For the main course, I chose a Wild Sea Bass with baked sea bass and veloute with tomato infused provencal lentils. The fish was cooked just right and the veloute was deliciously balanced giving the dish a light yet savory taste. We rounded our meal off with a one slice of cheesecake. Delectably smooth, sweet and velvety as is this favorite American dessert, we quickly devoured it all affirming its success.

The verdict: Urban Bistro is a delightful eatery perfect for a brisk work lunch accompanied by delicious home-made bistro cuisine.

Urban Bistro is located in Media City in the CNN Building. Tel: +971 43624330. www.urbanbistro.ae