Haute Ambassador Dr. Dmitri Alden : Recharge Your Liver with Tips from Dr. Dmitri Alden

Dr. Dmitri Alden

What is the best way to prevent the liver failure or liver cancer? Get tested!

As someone who gets to hold and treat the liver in my hands in the operating room every day, I understand the liver’s potential as a vital organ. My practice specializes in surgical treatment of complex and advanced primary and metastatic liver cancers. Using the most modern techniques and tools like robotics and interventional radiology, we can make the healthy part of the liver grow, and later on remove the cancer stricken part with minimally invasive techniques. This is just one example of many formidable technologies we use to give our patients new life.

The liver is one of the most vital organs, performing more than 100 various tasks to keep the body running smoothly, so it is imperative to keep it healthy. An energy processing plant, the liver collects all of the nutrients that are brought by the blood from the intestinal tract.

One way to prevent liver damage is to take all of the necessary precautions against hepatitis, which can in turn cause liver damage. Hepatitis can be contracted anytime the virus comes in contact with the blood so choose medical facilities wisely and be cautious with tatoos, and sexual partners.

In my practice, we often see patients with Hepatitis who had no idea they were infected for some 20-30 years until the complications started to arise. Fortunately, many Americans and every newborn child in the U.S. are now vaccinated against hepatitis B. But, hepatitis C is still a significant risk. A simple blood test can determine whether you are immune, vaccinated or have been exposed to hepatitis B, and hepatitis C is also easily discovered.

However in recent years, fatty liver disease has grown to be one of the most leading causes of liver failure and liver cancer. Excessive amount of fat and sugars are converted into fat and stored, leading to gradual decline in liver function. Every year 20,000 Americans are diagnosed with liver cancer, and a significant number of them have cancer arising in the liver overburdened with fat. Many others will have their cancer spread into the liver, requiring it to be surgically removed.

But what is the best way to prevent the liver failure or liver cancer? Get tested! Ask your doctor to order a hepatitis profile and get the hepatitis B vaccine, especially if your travel overseas to Asia, where it is highly prevalent. Also, Some studies have shown that two cups of coffee a day decrease the risk of liver cancer. It is essential to keep your liver healthy and fully functional.

It is all about what you can do to keep yourself healthy, and I am an example of this. While studying surgery in Paris, I picked up many bad eating habits indulging on French cheeses, foie gras and cured meats. Now, I eat mostly fruits, vegetables and whole grains. I lost over 25 pounds and I feel more energetic. So, eat healthy – a low fat, low sugar diet, exercise, and limit your alcohol consumption, and next time we will catch up over a freshly brewed cup of espresso.