Biodynamic Wine Dinner at Senza


Senza Chicago (2873 North Broadway) is a gluten-free restaurant that has become an instant hit on the Chicago food scene. If you haven’t been there you should probably make plans to get there soon and see how they are changing the perception of gluten-free food one dish at a time. And if you can, how about making it to Senza on Wednesday, April 17 when Senza’s Chef Noah Sandoval will be presenting a five-course tasting menu and pairing it with wines from Domaine Turner-Pageot. Owned by married duo Emmanuel Pageot and Karen Turner, Domaine Turner-Pageot is a biodynamic producer from the Languedoc region of Southern France. This will be a night of amazing gluten-free food and incredible wine. Reservations are required; you can reserve your spot by calling 773-770-3527.


And if you’re like me and wondering what biodynamic wine is, I looked it up. It’s a very intricate process that I wouldn’t be able to describe in any reliable way. I just know that it’s a big deal and for a wine-grower to be considered biodynamic they have to use the nine biodynamic preparations, which is way above my head. So I’m jut going to finish up by restating that the food at Senza is amazing and I trust their judgment, so I trust the wine pairings will be impeccable. The menu (with wine pairings) for the evening includes the following:


Scallop || black garlic | kimchi | pork belly

2010 Le Blanc


Foie Gras || caramel corn | almond | anise hyssop

2010 Le Rupture


Duck || huckleberry | pioppini | english pea

2009 Le Rouge


Lamb || coffee | maple | jerky

2010 Carmina Major


Oatmeal || pine nut | sherry | dreamsicle

NV Tenuta Santome Extra Dry Prosecco