One-on-One with Sophia Lorraine


Chicago native Sophia Lorraine is an author, event planner, mentor, and philanthropist. She holds a bachelor degree in Liberal Studies from Roosevelt University. An avid lover of life, she enjoys traveling, exploring new cultures and adventures. I had the chance to ask the well-rounded young author a few questions about her debut book “The Girlfriend Codes 101: Fundamentals of Friendship and Fashion.” She talks about her inspiration for writing the book, why it’s essential and more. Check out the interview below and if you’re interested in purchasing the book, click here.

What inspired you to write this book?

I was inspired to author “The Girlfriend Codes 101: Fundamentals of Friendship & Fashion” because I feel women of all ages can relate to this literary piece. No matter what age, race or background our relationships with our girlfriend’s are so important for our well-being! I know reality television tends to glamorize women attacking one another and depicts us in a negative light. So I felt it was necessary to create this book on the fundamentals of friendship with a dose of fashion to take us all back to basics of sisterhood!

Why should women read your book, what makes it essential? 

This book is a definite essential to the unspoken girl code for self-appreciation, true friendships, and fashion. The Girlfriend Codes 101 appeals to the shy, encourages the whole-hearted, and celebrates the bold!

I found the “A Real Life Letter From A Girlfriend” portions very interesting, can you explain the inspiration and reasoning for including it in the book?

The real-life letters from a girlfriend were included because when I held roundtable discussions with women from all walks of life they were able to relate to every subject in the book. Each chapter was well received and all the women shared similar experiences. I felt the letters and scenarios make each chapter more relatable, and ties up every chapter for that Ah-Ha moment!


Your book is about friendship and fashion, what made you combine the two subjects?

I felt both topics were so interchangeable since girlfriends love to shop, so why not incorporate both? I am a avid-lover of fashion, trends and enjoy shopping. I wanted to share some of my fashion staples to build a wardrobe that displays a classy yet fashion forward woman.

If you could pick one single thing you would like readers to takeaway from the book, what would it be?

There is something relatable in the book for everyone, so I am sure you will takeaway something that is fitting for you! I think my readers will take away the great tips in Chapter V: Maintaining, Rebuilding and Embracing Friendships. This chapter gives you great advice/tips on how to maintain friendship when life happens such as a girlfriend getting married and another relocating, on how to rebuild a shattered sisterhood after a falling out, and ways to embrace new friendships while incorporating new women in your social circle.

Last question, what’s next for Sophia Lorraine?

I am working on a new book on etiquette and also starting a not-for- profit to help children in inner city communities with education assistance, tutoring and after-school programs. I also do charity/philanthropic work. I am involved with United Way Young Leaders Society (YLS). I do 5ks for charity and the Susan Komen walk for breast cancer. One of my favorite charities to work with is Dress for Success. They help women who are down and out get back into their career or a new career. As a volunteer you can donate clothes or help with resumes and give interview tips, etc.