New York Host Committee Wants More Than One Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium

Despite cold weather concerns about Super Bowl XLVIII taking play at the MetLife Stadium in 2014, the New York/New Jersey host committee hopes that the stadium will become part of the event’s regular rotation.

“It’s the biggest sporting event in North America,” host committee CEO Al Kelly told the Newark Star-Ledger. “It’s only right that it gets on the biggest stage in the world, and hopefully it makes sense that should happen once a decade. Right?”

The Super Bowl has never been played in the New York metropolitan area — or in a non-domed stadium in a cold-weather city. But still, Kelly has hopes of a repeat performance. “I don’t have any vision that we’re going to get three out of the next 12 Super Bowls or something,” he explained. “But maybe, because of all the other things you can do in the region, which is an endless list of options, we can have it again.”