Healthy, Fresh and Tasty: Nathalie’s Cafe Opens in Abu Dhabi

A tasty and healthy addition to Abu Dhabi’s culinary landscape opened last week in the form of Nathalie’s Cafe. A gourmet café based in TwoFour54, the city’s media hub, boasts a variety of fragrant home-made creations such as dragonberry iced tea, cous cous, pesto, sandwiches; mini musakhan rolls and many more scumptious delights.

Nathalie’s motto is to eat, live and love and food is evidently the basis of these values. The charming cafe boasts a welcoming interior as well as an outdoor seating area. Desserts are an enviable option on the menu and include such international delicacies as tiramisu, cheesecake, fresh berry compote mousse, fruit tarts, brownies and Oreo chocolate balls. All dishes are made with fresh, natural and wholesome ingredients emphasizing an ambiance and a food which is as hearty as what you can find at home.