Haute Partners: A Rare Find by Brian Sandhaus


I wanted a restaurant that just happened to be kosher,” said owner Brian Sandhaus. And so five years ago he opened Rare, a steakhouse on Miami Beach with upscale cuisine that also, just so happens to be kosher. Located on the bottom floor of a condominium building, 4101 Pinetree Drive, right off of 41st Street, the entrance is a side door with no indication of what lies beyond it. No signs, just word of mouth. It is a place where guests go to enjoy a fine meal only because they heard about it from others. That is, until now.

Sandhaus, founder of the RARE group, which also owns Beyond by Shemtov’s and House of Dog, had built Rare Steakhouse for one simple reason. “I want everyone to have an experience where they will feel absolutely comfortable.” He did this by creating a delightful ambiance using dim lighting with a hint of purple, candles surrounding the open space, upbeat music and a bar with only the freshest, homemade ingredients. That along with the “anything but” traditional kosher cuisine is what makes Rare Steakhouse special. Rare performs culinary miracles to recreate dishes, such as sushi, with all kosher, dairy-free ingredients. “With the ingredients out there right now, you can create anything’” said Sandhaus.

Rare has recently added two new star chefs to their staff, Jamey Hunt and Arthur Jones. Hunt, who previously helmed at Fisher Island, is the Corporate Executive Chef; and former Barton G chef, Arthur Jones, is the Chef de Cuisine, or as Sandhaus calls him, “THE culinary genius.”


They have created a detailed menu with a variety of selections that is sure to please any guest. To start, you can choose from a number of salads including the Asian salad with shredded red cabbage, bean sprouts, snow peas, edamame and scallions tossed in a homemade sesame vinaigrette that has just the right amount of lightness and crisp. They have also included an array of sushi for all seafood lovers; but what truly makes the dining experience unforgettable are their steak entrees. Whether it is the 10 oz grilled center cut filet, or the 14 oz. in-bone, black angus ribeye steak, they are 100% kosher and cooked simply with olive oil, salt and pepper to let the flavor shine through. Accompaniments include sides such as a confit of garlic, oven roasted tomatoes, garnish of sautéed spinach and signature béarnaise sauce.

When asked about why he moved locations in August 2012, Sandhaus explained how they outgrew their previous space and decided it would be best to expand. Rare has already become a destination spot for people from all over Florida, and Sandhaus has also developed relationships with clientele
from all parts of the globe. Rare is now in an 8,000-square-foot space with an over 4,000 sq ft dining room which has been an advantage for them. They have been able to host events and weddings
that they personally cater after creating their own catering company, Extreme Catering, a year ago. The location of the restaurant also includes a large outdoor space and a lower dock on the water that gives you a spectacular view of the ocean. “I couldn’t do this without my staff,” said Sandhaus. Rare Steakhouse began with only his concept of a restaurant that just happened to be kosher, but it has now turned into what you would call a rare find.