What’s On My Desk: Michael Dezer

Michael Dezer is the owner of Dezer Development located in Sunny Isles Beach, FL. The firm develops high-end real estate specializing in luxury brand buildings. An avid car enthusiast, Dezer’s vintage car collection is on view at Dezer Collection Auto Museum.

1.    The Desk itself is a vintage car. It’s the front of a 1959 Cadillac. The longest front end of any car.

2.    A custom made 2002 Porsche made out of chocolate, which was made in France. This is special because we are currently developing Porsche Design Tower.

3.    I’ve got a replica of Betty Boop riding a car. The reason is simple: I like Betty Boop and cars.

4.    There is a custom Lalique crystal statue which is important because we currently have the exclusive deal with Lalique for Real Estate Development

5.     A 1958 Chevy Impala replica. It is my favorite car in my collection.