Shakira’s Cardio Dance Trainer Is Opening Her Own NYC Studio

Cardio dance trainer Anna Kaiser, the woman who helped Shakira create abs of steel, is opening her own studio in Manhattan. Until now, Kaiser has remained somewhat under-the-radar even though her clients are anything but low profile. The petite blonde trains Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker several times a week.

Once her studio, AKT INMOTION, opens its doors this spring, Kaiser will join the ranks of Tracy Anderson and Simone de la Rue as one of NYC’s reigning cardio dance divas. “I’m teaching high intensity interval training using dance instead of plyometrics,” she told Well+Good.

The 60 minute (Happy Hour) or 90 minute (S&M) classes also combine yoga, Pilates and various strengthening techniques using booty bands and light weights. But be warned, Kaiser’s classes will leave you dripping with sweat and in a state of endorphin ecstasy.