President of Fashion TV Michael Adam Announces the Launch of Studio F in Dubai

President of Fashion TV Michael Adam was in Dubai on Sunday to announce the launch of Studio F, his most recent restaurant and lounge concept. The venue is set to open in The Boulevard, the sleek luxury shopping avenue of Jumeirah Emirates Towers, in mid-February and will feature an exciting mix of fashion, food and drinks. We caught up with Michael Adam to learn a bit more about the concept behind Studio F.

Why did you decide to open Studio F in Dubai?

Dubai has now become one of the most pivotal fashion centers of the region, it was time that we did something related to fashion and entertainment within the Middle East. Dubai is the natural home of luxury, fashion and style and it is fitting that Fashion TV has a new home here. We decided on the venue with our partners PuriGroup. The Boulevard in the Jumeirah Emirates Towers is great location – it is close to DIFC as well as the Burj Khalifa and situated in the center of the city where all the action is. It was also a venue which permitted us to stay open until 3am in the morning.

What special amenities will be offered at Studio F?

Studio F will offer a French Mediterranean menu and a night club ambiance during the evening where you’ll be able to see fashion shows taking place on live screens. Fashion Weeks taking place in Paris, Milan and New York will stream on various screens through the venue, some will be programmed to stream live in order to coincide with the actual event. We will also provide digitalized pads whereby guests can order their drinks, register for fashion news and find out what is going on in Paris, New York, London and other world capitals. The venue will also offer Fashion TV’s own water produced in Austria, proseco from Italy and energy drinks.


 What are the unique educational aspects of the venue?

During the day, Studio F will act as a professional fashion studio offering various classes, tutorials and events for fashion professionals, models and other creatives. There will be courses in choreography and fashion design as well as lectures given by esteemed members of the fashion community.