Missoni CEO Last Seen Boarding Small Plane in Venezuela Missing For Three Days

Missoni’s CEO, Vittorio Missoni, has been missing since a Cessna 402 disappeared off the coast of Venezuela. The twin-engine plane was carrying him and five other passengers including wife Maurizia Castiglioni and Guido Foresti and wife Elda Scalvenzi and two Venezuelan pilots.  It left Los Roques resort and was heading to Simon Bolivar International Airport on Friday, January 4 when it lost contact. Vittorio, along with siblings Luca and Angela Missoni are credited with resuscitating the brand and bringing it back from the brink. Vittorio was instrumental in the deal with Target that catapulted Missoni back into the American spotlight. Speculation as to the brand’s health without it’s CEO has already begun, but neither the family nor the authorities have given up hope of finding them. After a mysterious text was received from Vittorio’s phone, speculation has switched from crash to kidnapping, which sister Angela says would be preferable, “It’s better to be kidnapped than at the bottom of the sea.” Luca has flown to Venezuela to oversee the search, which is continuing with a plane, two helicopters and 29 divers.