Men’s Fashion Tips From Designer Joseph Waks

Joseph Waks, Master Designer and “Consummate Clothier”, operates out of Bal Harbour, Florida. Yossi, as his friends call him, spends the day traveling to ocean front penthouses and corner offices helping business men dress “better than their best dressed selves.”

What is luxury in men’s fashion?

“The mark of a well dressed man is found in subtlety. Minute 
hints of luxury such as pocket squares gently peeking out of a breast pocket or a 
lapel brazenly flipped up. Even a shirt cuff sliding out of a blazer sleeve 
just enough that the effect seems to be that the two were sewn together.”

What are your tips for dressing well?

“You should exhibit all the accouterments and precise details of a well done
 ensemble. Don’t shy away from overtness, both in tone, tenor and timbre.”

What can you do for a guy that needs help getting his look together?

“Well, I can set you off kilter, but then I put you back together again, more dashing and debonair then you thought 
you could be prior.”

You’ve got a lot of energy.

“My excitement for clothing is contagious and freely transmitted.  When I help someone they might wind up better dressed better than their best dressed self.

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