Melania & Donald Trump Have a ‘Different’ Type of Romance

Maintaining a relationship with someone as busy as Donald Trump is no easy feat, but Melania Trump has found a way. And the key, it seems, is embracing the differences.

“He is a romantic guy,” Melania told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s a different romance than maybe some other people, but he’s [a] very different man anyway. But we have a great relationship and we are both very independent. We love what we do…and that’s the most important [thing]. [We] have great quality time together.”

The two met while while Melania was modeling in NYC during the ’90s. After a long courtship, Donald proposed in 2004 and the couple married in 2005.

Though the couple’s various business endeavors making spending quality time together a challenge, Melania said the two cherish the time they do have together. “We love to go to the movies. We love to just have a dinner, the two of us [or] with friends,” she revealed. “We love to go to Mira Lago, spend time [with] the three of us: Barron [their 6-year-old son], Donald, and me together.”

Check out the video below!