Limited-Edition Glenfiddich Scotch Sells for $27,000

Lyle Shellenberg is currently only one of 50 people in the world — and six in the United States — to own a special release of Glenfiddich Scotch whiskey. The retired businessman drove to Portland, Oregon to purchase the 50-year-old bottle for a cool $27,000.

“I could have spent money on a sports car or something else,” he told Portland’s news station, KPTV. “I just happened to choose that I like Glenfiddich Scotch and this was interesting to me, it was different.”

The scotch arrived at the liquor store in a locked, leather case. Shellenberg plans to crack open the bottle (and share it with his family) at an upcoming special event. “The seal’s going to be broken and opened,” he explained, “because I just have to know what it tastes like.”