Kate Upton (Sort Of) Washes Mercedes-Benz CLA in Sexy New Super Bowl Ad — VIDEO

It sounded like the ideal Super Bowl commercial: A Sports Illustrated cover model washing a luxury sports car wearing a tight black tank top and cut-off denim shorts. But that’s not exactly what viewers see in the teaser for Mercedes-Benz’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial starring Kate Upton.

Though the video is titled, “Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion,” the 20-year-old blonde beauty doesn’t actually do any washing. Instead, she plays with the white foam and blows a few sud bubbles, while a group of beefy football players clumsily wash the car. And of course, stare at her rockin’ body.

The ad will run in its entirely during the Super Bowl on Feb. 3. If football fans weren’t already excited to watch the Harbaugh brothers go head-to-head, at least there’s the guarantee of more Upton.

Check out the video below: