Fashion Designer Isaac Mizrahi To Perform Cabaret in Times Square

In case you’re unable catch one of Isaac Mizarhi‘s shows at fashion week, the 51-year-old designer is performing three cabaret shows at the Laurie Beechman Theatre later this month. Having performed at other venues throughout the years, Mizarhi said that the build-up has become “a little less terrifying,” but admitted that the crowd causes him a bit of unease.

“You don’t know how committed or fun they will be,” he told Women’s Wear Daily. “More than any other kind of performance, cabaret is like having dinner with them sitting in their laps for one hour and 10 minutes.”

The Ben Waltzer Quintet will accompany Mizrahi during his three performances on Jan. 10, 24 and 25. “I want people to think of George Burns, Jimmy Durante, someone who really can’t sing. But I have been studying music since I was a little kid and I worked with the musicians on all the arrangements,” he revealed. “The idea is, if I really have the nerve, I really want the audience to ask me questions.”