Flywheel Opens FlyBarre Studio

Flywheel, the popular new spin studio, has just opened an upstairs studio for their new FlyBarre classes. While the room evokes a very small ballet studio, with mirrors and barres, make no mistake, this is a new twist on the core strengthening both real housewives and modelistas love. The new class comes with the patented energy of Flywheel complete with a miked instructor and high-energy music heavy on the Ke$ha. Mini-weights, stretchy-bands, balls and mats are all used during exercises that change thankfully right before members say “uncle.” But there are a few caveats: classes need to be signed up for in advance, as there are a fixed number of 17 spots available., shoes are removed and there is a strict policy against tardiness. Latecomers will be turned away, which forces Miamians to get it together and be on time.  Flyweel has locations all around the United States and has their Miami stadium in Miami Beach on Purdy Avenue.