Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively & Ryan Seacrest Check Out Luxury Condos in Chelsea

There’s a new celebrity hot spot in town and it’s not a fancy restaurant or trendy nightclub! A-list celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Blake Lively, Ryan Seacrest and Barnes & Noble chairman Len Riggio have all been spotted checking out the Walker Tower, a 1929 Art Deco fortess-like luxury condominium complex.

Located at 212 West 18th Street, the building boasts 14-foot ceilings, 18-inch thick walls, radiant floor heating and spacious master bedrooms. “You could basically drive a bulldozer in your apartment and your neighbor wouldn’t hear or feel it,” JDS Development principal Michael Stern told the New York Daily News. “I knew we had something that no one in New York had — an absurdly solid building.”

To give the tower a unique look, the architect used nine different shapes of brick in five complementary hues. “There is so much beauty in this structure,” Stern explained. “When we’re done, we’re going to light it up so you can see how strong it is from all over.”

According to reports, at least one Hollywood star has already put down a deposit and another purchased two combined penthouses for approximately $34 million.

Check out pictures of the building below!