Babe Ruth & Al Capone Autographed Baseball Could Sell for $200,000 at Auction

A baseball bearing the signatures of Babe Ruth and Al Capone, two icons of the roaring twenties, could fetch as much as $200,000 via a live auction at that culminates Jan. 31.

So how did two 1920’s legends come to sign the same ball? According to the seller, a retired chemical research technician from Delaware named Pete Collins, his grandfather Herb Pennock approached Capone for an autograph when the Yankees played at Comiskey Park in 1931 and later asked Ruth to sign the same ball.

“I saw this ball and I fawned over it so much my grandmother made sure it was mine,” he told the Chicago Sun-Times.

The first bid is set at $25,000, but experts expect that the baseball could sell for as much as $200,000 given its rarity. “Capone was arch-criminal No. 1 and he didn’t sign tons of things,” Mile High Card Co. President Brian Drent also told the paper. “His signature is very difficult to find. He avoided signing. We’ve never seen another Capone autograph on a baseball, let alone along with Babe Ruth.”