Anderson Cooper Yells At Woman For Littering in His Neighborhood

Anderson Cooper took litter enforcement into his own hands after he recently caught a stranger trying to toss a banana peel into a mailbox on his street. “For some reason, I don’t know why, it so bothered me,” Cooper admitted during his daytime talk show “Anderson Live.”

“I stopped dead and started yelling at her. I said, ‘You do not put a banana peel in a mailbox!'”

Shocked by his outburst, the woman then dropped the banana peel on top of the mailbox. “I put the banana peel back in her palm,” Cooper admitted, a little embarrassed by his brazenness. “I said, ‘Go walk across the street and put it in the garbage can.'”

Cooper previously alluded to the event on his Twitter account, but didn’t share the full details until Thursday’s show. “Got into an argument today with a lady who was trying to stuff a banana peel into a mail box. Not sure why it really annoyed me,” he tweeted on Dec. 28.