A Look Inside Ruff Club: A Membership-Only Social Club for Dogs

Like the Soho House and Norwood clubs, New York City’s newest “pet contemporary hub” won’t accept just any old mutt. It’s membership only — and to join dogs must pass a vigorous screening process.

“We’re not trying to create a master race of dogs,” owner Danny Frost told the New York Times. “We’re just trying to screen out certain issues that are deal breakers.” Those issues include toy aggression, excessive cowering and barking, separation anxiety and an inability to share treats.

Though luxury pet facilities are nothing new in the city, the club’s co-owner Alexia Simon Frost said that Ruff Club encourages dogs to thrive. “We won’t infantilize dogs the way other spas do,” she explained, while noting that her establishment is a “dog,” not “doggy” day care. “We won’t give out report cards or talk in high-pitched voices.”

And it seems the club isn’t just for dogs! Human members are invited to enjoy the club’s free Wi-Fi and locally-roasted coffee while hanging out with other dog people. The group even awards a handful of scholarships to low income residents and retired military/fire/police dogs.