Zac Posen Replaces Michael Kors on ‘Project Runway’

Zac Posen is “in” on the next season of Project Runway. The 32-year-old fashion designer is filling in for Michael Kors, who served as a judge for the show’s previous ten seasons, reports the Associated Press.

“This was an amazing opportunity,” Posen said during a recent interview. “I hope I’m here to give a new perspective to the designers.”

Though fans of the show are sure to miss Kors’ witty fashion critiques, the sportswear designer will return as a guest judge for the season finale, according to a statement from Lifetime TV. “When I was a guest judge, I saw he was always a generous, warm mentor,” Posen revealed.

Posen says that the best skill he has to offer the contestants is his sharp eye, which is why he initially wanted to be behind the scenes with mentor Tim Gunn. “Craft and construction are among my passions,” he continued. “I was seeing the clothes on the runway, but Tim had all the background interaction.”

Nonetheless, Posen believes that by serving as a judge, he appreciates a little more of what the stylists, editors and retailers are looking for as they sit in the front row for his own catwalk shows.

Project Runway starts Jan. 24.