Will Mayor Bloomberg Kiss 18 Rockettes On New Years Eve?

Last New Year’s Eve, Lady Gaga and Mayor Michael Bloomberg shared a smooch in front of billions as they dropped the ball to ring in the new year. This year, the Mayor says he’ll be joined by 18 high-kicking Rockettes for the Times Square crystal ball drop on Dec. 31. With so many lovely ladies by his side, Bloomberg joked during his weekly radio show that he’ll “have to figure out how” to kiss all the Rockettes at the stroke of midnight.

Traditionally, the mayor says he takes his New Year’s Eve sidekick to a bar for a few drinks afterward. During the segment, Bloomberg wondered out loud whether he could take all 18 Rockettes, to which radio host John Gambling quipped, “Absolutely. You’re the mayor.”

Bloomberg said the bar owner would be thrilled. The Rockettes are celebrating their 85th anniversary this year.