Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Is Worth $73,500

The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center has become a holiday season hotspot for tourists and New Yorkers alike, drawing nearly 750,000 visitors every day. This year’s 80-year-old Norway spruce weighs nearly 10 tons and stands 80 feet tall. It is wrapped in about five miles of LED lights with 45,000 bulbs and topped with a 550-pound, LED-powered Swarovski star studded with 25,000 crystals. But just how much does it cost to erect the iconic tree in midtown Manhattan?

Here’s what you could expect to pay:

• Rockefeller Center traditionally picks a Norway spruce at least 75 feet tall. The tallest tree featured to date was a 100 feet in November, 1999. Wisconsin-based tree appraiser Ed Steigerwaldt says the market for trees of this stature is very small, mostly limited to large cities with special display areas and tourism centers. Estimated cost of tree: $25,000.

• The current Swarovski tree topper includes 720 LED bulbs and 25,000 sparkling crystals. Estimated cost of topper: $35,000.

• Over 45,000 C9 LED lights are wrapped around massive tree. The lights are energy efficient and safe for outdoor use. Estimated cost of lights: $13,500.

•Total price: $73,500.

And who says you can’t put a price on Christmas?

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek