Real Housewife of Miami Alexia Echevarria and Hubby Owe $100,000 in Back Taxes

It’s not easy being a Real Housewife in any city. It seems a spot on the show all but guarantees all manner of woe from divorce to financial trouble.  For Alexia, who calls herself the “Cuban Barbie,” the onslaught of bad news became so overwhelming that she has scaled back her role on the show that thrust her into the national spotlight in the first place. It began with her youngest son in a “near-fatal car crash” in August and then her eldest son, Peter Rosello, assaulting a homeless man on Miami Beach in September. Now the family has a lien on their Miami Beach home by the federal government. The tax bill, issued to she and husband Herman Echevarria, totals $94,078 and has gone unpaid since May. For Herman, who according to internet sources, has a net worth of nearly $30 million, the tax issue shouldn’t be be make or break.