NYC’s Top Google Searches of 2012: Hurricane Sandy, MTA and … SoulCycle

With 2012 coming to a close, Google has released their annual Zeitgeist report that reveals what New Yorkers have searched for most over the past year. While most of the search terms were rather predictable, such as “NY Times” and “NY Knicks,” a couple new keywords joined the 2012 list including “SoulCycle.” “Hurricane Sandy” surpassed “MTA” as the most Googled search term of the year. Terms that dropped off the list from 2011 list include “NJ Transit,” “EZPass,” and “DMV NY.” It looks like New Yorkers are driving less and cycling more!

Check out the full list below:

1. Hurricane Sandy
2. MTA
3. NY Knicks
4. NY Giants
5. StreetEasy NYC
6. SoulCycle NYC
7. NY TImes
9. NY Daily News
10. Con Edison