Natalie Portman Tops Forbes’ Most Bankable Actors List

Natalie Portman is a good investment! Forbes released its annual Best Actors for the Buck list, and named the 31-year-old Academy Award winner as the most bankable star in Hollywood.

Though Portman has a slew of projects in the works, the brunette beauty hasn’t graced the silver screen since her supporting role in 2011’s Thor. Nonetheless, she manages to pull in an estimated $42.70 for every dollar she is paid by the studio.

To calculate the list, Forbes examines each actor’s last three movies that opened in more than 2,000 theaters. For Portman, that included the 2010 smash hit Black Swan, which earned a whopping $329 million at the box office on a meager $13 million budget.

The rest of the list includes Kristen Stewart at number two ($40.60 returned for every $1 paid), Shia LaBeouf at number 3 ($35.80 returned for every $1 paid), Robert Pattinson at number four ($31.70 returned for every $1 paid) and Daniel Radcliffe at number five ($30.50 returned for every $1 paid).