Katie Holmes Forgot Her Lines During A Live Broadway Show

It seems nerves got the best of Katie Holmes! The 34-year-old actress recently stopped by the “Late Show with David Letterman” and revealed that she finally experienced the moment she’s been trying to avoid during her Broadway run of “Dead Accounts.”

“A couple weeks ago I had the moment that I’ve been dreading,” Holmes told Letterman. “I have this kind of big speech in the second act, and it’s pretty important because it kind of goes along with the theme of the show. I said the first line — and I’m looking at Judy Greer and I’m supposed to be angry at her — and then the second line I didn’t remember. And I didn’t remember the third one.”

“I just looked at her like, ah!” she continued, while while reenacting the frightened, deer-in-headlights look that she made at the time.

After a bit of improvising, Holmes regained her composure and remembered the rest of her lines. “Obviously, I know what the point of it is,” she explained. “So, I kind of made my way there.”