Jay-Z’s Sweet Subway Exchange With Older Lady

Instead of hiring a private car service, Jay-Z opted to ride the subway to one of his recent concerts at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. During his commute on the R train, the hip-hop mogul sat down next to an older woman named Ellen Grossman who had no idea who he was and struck up a conversation.

A 50-second clip detailing the interaction went viral on Wednesday and has already gotten over 300,000 hits.

“Are you famous?” Grossman asks Jay-Z as he sits next to her on the crowded subway car. “Yes,” he responds shyly, adding, with a smile, “Not very famous; you don’t know me. But I’ll get there someday.”

He then tells Grossman, an artist and sculptor, “My name is Jay,” and asks for her name. Beaming, she shakes his hand and responds, “Ellen,” and then asks what he does.

“I make music,” he says. “I’m on my way to the performance in Brooklyn. At the new Brooklyn arena.”

“Fabulous,” she answers. She eventually asks him his name again and he tells her, “Jay. Jay-Z.”

“Oh, you’re Jay-Z! I know about Jay-Z!” Grossman says as the clip ends.

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