Ivanka Trump Creates Perfume for Professional Women

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the modern career woman in your life? Ivanka Trump has got you covered! The New York society fixture and daughter of real estate mogul Donald Trump is releasing her debut scent aimed at the “professional, hardworking, yet feminine woman” next week.

Simply named “Ivanka Trump,” the perfume is classified as a floral-oriental blend, with top notes of sparkling Italian bergamot, lush apple and pink peppercorn — a combination designed to evoke sensuality. The middle notes consist of jasmine, rose and peach blossom to add lushness. Golden amber, creamy vanilla, patchouli and smooth cedarwood are also included.

“There’s a lot on the dowdy and mature side and there’s a lot on the kitschy, ultra trendy,” Trump said in regard to the current fragrance market. “But I think we’re filling a void for that feminine, empowered woman.”

In addition to a successful modeling career, Trump has displayed her prowess for business through her successful ladies footwear and accessories lines and her role as a judge on her father’s show The Apprentice.

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