Inside OMEGA’s New York Boutique —A Detailed Look at Five Unique Pieces

OMEGA, 711 Fifth Avenue, New York


Haute Time had the opportunity to visit Omega’s Fifth Avenue boutique and take a look at five unique timepieces. The boutique, which opened in 2009, houses some of the brand’s limited edition and iconic pieces at 711 Fifth Avenue.

Limited Edition Moon Watch signed by Buzz Aldrin

This Limited Edition Moon Watch signed by Buzz Aldrin is one of only 69 pieces worldwide. This particular piece comes in a hand-carved box signed by the astronaut and features a 24K gold Apollo 11 coin. What’s so spectacular is the Apollo 11 back piece commemorating the journey. The watch and accompanying box limited edition set retails for $135,000.

1938 MD Omega

As part of the Museum Collection, the 1938 MD Omega retails for $17,900. This particular piece is number ten in the series. It’s made from 18K gold with an enamel dial, a minute tracker and a pulsometer scale—a special feature that would be used by doctors, special to the MD Series.

Seamaster Aqua Terra

This dazzling feminine watch is from the Seamaster Aqua Terra collection, retailing as $137,500 as part of the Omega jewelry collection. There are a very select number of pieces with this caliber of diamonds, so although it’s not limited edition, it’s truly a luxury watch.

Planet Ocean Skyfall Edition

The Skyfall Edition is popular now because of the most recent film released in the James Bond franchise. It is priced at $6,500 and has a power reserve of 60 hours. What’s unique is that the 007 takes the place of the traditional number 7 on the clock. This is a powerful piece for James Bond fans and those who love the Planet Ocean collection.

Deville Hour Vision Skeleton

The Deville Hour Vision Skeleton watch is one of only 88 pieces made complete. It’s priced at $54,700 and the most unique feature can be found by looking at the back of the watch when you really see the watch making ability of the brand.