Haute Ambassador Lea Black : Silver Belle

The last few months have been busier than ever, but I still find time to reach out to the people who are most important to me; my family.

The Forge was the scene of the Season 2 of The Real Housewives premiere party and more than 300 fabulous people were there to celebrate. I also was in New York City a lot to promote the Real Housewives and had a chance to do The Today Show and Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. I even posed for celebrity photographer Greg Lotus while I was there.

Every year I attend the Jewelry International Showcase. I love to scout every booth over and over again, which helps me get ideas for my costume jewelry line. I also love handbags. I have a very large collection of Hermes bags that I started 20 years ago. But after a while, I had a hard time finding a bag that took my breath away, so I decided that I would just design my own bags-just for me. Since then, everywhere I go people ask me about them, so I’ve made them available on my new website, theworldofleablack.com.

I have also been working on next year’s gala that will support Teach for America, Breakthrough Miami and University of Miami. Along with working on my own gala, I have attended a few charity events, including Destination Fashion, which raised money for the Buoniconti Foundation to cure paralysis, and the 16th Annual Zenith Watches Best Buddies Miami Gala. I am also working on my novel, Lea’s Little Black Book. It’s in the editing phase and will be out in 2013, hopefully not long after the new year.

When Thanksgiving came, it really was a time to give thanks. My son RJ had his adenoids removed. It was his first surgery and of course it was traumatic for us, but such a relief when it was successfully over. Thanksgiving afternoon I spent my time serving in the food line at Bongos, the annual lunch sponsored by the Estefans, their friends, and their supporters.

Then it was Art Basel time with one fabulous party or event after another and where art dealers, collectors, and the who’s who of the art world flock to Miami for an amazing cultural experience. I was able to purchase a Domingo Zapata piece, which I gave to my husband for Christmas. I hope you will tune in and follow me on my YouTube channel youtube.com/user/leablackofficial?feature=watch.

I put up my usual 20 ft. tree, but with the accumulation of loss over the past three years my friend Al, my sister Kim, and my precious Leroy, I just felt the celebration wouldn’t be quite the same but made the effort anyway. So as we start a new year, let’s count our blessings, give thanks, and know we are all connected. Consider reading “Do You Quantum Think?” it will make your life richer. Who we are to others in the world can and does make a difference. Spread the love and keep the peace.